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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Effective web marketing: how long does it take to get results?

Just in these days I happened to reflect on a topic always delicate: the time needed to get results online. An effective web marketing strategy also defines boundaries and boundaries.
The customer asks for a service, you accept and the contract finds its balance. Here, however, an essential theme is rattled off to find the approval of the protagonists: the duration of the intervention . Often the work is maintenance: to carry out a standard activity without strategic objectives.

I take as an example who takes care of the maintenance of websites. Other jobs, however, must aim towards complex goals. And not too general, focused on the outcome. Take the blog as an example : clear, it must be aimed at earning money. It must help sell and invoice. But through which goals?

All beautiful, but how long does it take?

Here we define the strategic work of a professional blogger, one of those that is not limited to writing articles. You have to understand and identify the target, you have to identify concrete strategies and write SEO key content copywriting . But once these points have been clarified, the aforementioned question arises : how long does it take? And again, the doubt becomes more and more specific: how much do I have to wait for my answers on the web? I do not know, this is the right answer.

Or better, I can make predictions. I can say that, with a continuous rhythm and the right flow of resources, a blog that I follow from a strategic perspective, has reached the steps estimated in a year. Despite being in a very competitive sector. These successes concern the positioning of web pages for informational keywords, the involvement of the public in a community, the diffusion of the brand.

The importance of the overall vision

And the sales target? When can you increase your sales with the blog? To get results in such a specific context you have to involve different figures. I have brought people potentially interested in your product or service on the blog, an effective web marketing strategy needs other pieces.
Evaluate the case of the blog. I worked on the editorial calendar. But the SEO optimization who has cured it? Does anyone take care of social media marketing? And of the various nuances related to advertising? Still, is the work of email marketing to feed the leads taken into consideration?

All this to get to an even more important point: the product or service you want to promote is worthy of attention? Is it the right price? Is it qualitatively superior? People often want miracles from the web marketing campaign, which can be well studied. The question "how long does it take" is not the right one: the whole strategy of this world will not replace the importance of a holistic strategy.

A strategy that starts from a good reflection on competition. There are several tools for the analysis of online competitors, and this is the necessary confirmation to plan the web marketing activities. With its times. Knowing, for example, which investment in terms of CPC is located around a keyword can be the right step to get a first idea about the months needed to tackle a topic.

It calculates that these tools allow calculating also the index of difficulty related to a keyword, which for Semrush means to evaluate: "The difficulty of having a good ranking among the results of the organic search for a given keyword. The higher the percentage, the greater the difficulty in obtaining a high ranking for a given keyword ".

The time needed to get results

To ask how long it takes is sacrosanct. Everything wants this information. But the advice I can give to the players behind an effective web marketing strategy are simple. The freelancer who works in this sector can give a trivial and useful indication: do not fool yourself .

You often work on optimistic information to bring the contact home. And have a new way to monetize your business. The client presses and bends you to his will. But with the passing of the weeks you realize that the situation is more complex, and that in the requested period you can not satisfy the requests. But that has received reassurance and confirmation. These situations can become annoying.

But the fault is yours alone. Because you have given probable times for certain. So the advice to web professionals is always the same: use maximum clarity and do not improvise certainties. On the other hand, I suggest another point to the client: listen to the professional's words . If you have decided to trust a name, you must trust. It takes 6 months to get certain results? Well, this is his experience. The same is true if you pronounce it with less clear words: the first points could show up after a year.

But nobody has the certainty. What does this mean? Maybe this person is not capable enough? Not able to provide the right contribution? Perhaps you could reduce the time with a larger team , but also more expensive in economic terms. Although some processes have limits that cannot be forced.
Like, for example, work on incoming links. So I tell this to the buyer: choose a professional, entrust yourself and do not expect miracles. In most cases they are defeats.

Effective web marketing: your opinion

These are the steps necessary to have an honest relationship with your client. The times necessary to obtain positive results are variable, from contextualizing project by project. There is no single vision or a recipe valid for everyone. Defining a priori temporal resources for certain web marketing activities is difficult.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

5 tips to recognize a creative agency

This post interests you if you are looking for a marketing and advertising agency that will help you improve the image of your company.

All marketing and advertising agencies that pride themselves at the moment, are sold as creative agencies; However, how can we recognize which ones are really going to help us with our purpose?
In this post we will indicate the criteria by which you must filter the marketing and advertising agencies . So be careful, because you are about to discover the 5 tips to recognize a creative agency :

The Message

It is undeniable that we are witnessing the age of communication, therefore, we can affirm that people are subject to an accumulation of information-laden stimuli . The data that causes the most impact will be the one that finally catches the attention of the recipient.

A good advertising and marketing agency will develop an effective campaign that will have a great impact on the masses.

The Impact

In light of the above, the message that the marketing and advertising agency sends to the masses must be transcendental. This means that it has to be memorable and recognized for the rest of the time.
Currently, many agencies claim to be original, however, in this attempt fall into the ambiguous and traditional. For an agency to truly meet its challenge, it must be original and innovative in all its ideas and ways of launching the product.

Your Allies: The New Technologies

Creative agencies keep in mind that digital media can be used as tools that help improve the customer experience and, thus, improve the recognition of the brand image.

So, you will know that an agency is creative if it does not consider new technologies as enemies, but uses them as a tool in their work.

The Mark Image

Getting the name of your company to keep talking is one of the milestones that the agency should achieve. Therefore, before launching any type of advertising campaign, a good creative agency will recommend that a brand image plan be established beforehand.

The brand image consists of defining the identity of the company: logo, slogan, name, etc.

Brand Experience

A creative agency is concerned with creating experiences, for making the client feel new sensations when interacting with the product / brand. Therefore, if the agency you are considering does not take into account this bullet, it is not a creative agency.

If you are looking for a company that complies with the 5 tips to recognize a creative agency and you have not yet found it, you have come to the right place. At Web Digital Media Group, we have a line of business specialized in marketing and advertising.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the sector and great professionals in charge of each of the operations.

In Web Digital Media Group Brands we will provide everything you were looking for and much more. Do not think more and find out about all our projects on the web.

How to make a creative website

Having a creative website to boost your business is essential because 

The presence on the internet of a company is necessary to be exposed in the current market. A company that does not have a corporate website is like a ghost company because it loses visibility and with it a large percentage of potential customers.

Investing in a web page is one of the tasks that a physical Point of Sale has to fulfill. As a result, other questions arise, such as: how should I do it? What kind of website is right for my business? What content is right for my portal? Therefore, having a web consultant is necessary to get started in the digital environment.

What type of web should i choose?

Currently there are debates about whether it is right to choose a functional website or a creative website . The functionality in a web refers to aspects such as fast loading of the portal, the menu, easy and intuitive navigation, etc.

On the other hand, web design refers to the most visual part of it, such as the images, colors, sections in which it is divided, etc.
However, functionality and graphic design, in Salesland Digital , is something that goes hand in hand. Our team of digital developers , give great importance to the appearance and use of web pages , therefore, work impetuously when preparing a new project.

What Should I Consider

Before starting with a new project, it is advisable to follow certain steps:

Look at examples: to find out what is the variety that you can have, we recommend you to see examples of some of the web pages that we have already created in our section on success stories .
The Content Management System or CMS : there are several systems like Wordpress, Blogger, Apache or Drupal . At Digital Marketing, we work with Drupal, Wordpress, PHP

The design: choosing the visual (colors, typography, images, style, etc.) is a very important task. You have to know how to choose the most appropriate and suitable details so that you go in sync with your brand image.

Elements added: sometimes you have to resort to elements such as plugins or pop ups, among others, to get the attention of the user. You also have to take into account the adaptability of the web page to different devices.

Creating a new portal on the Internet is a wise decision, therefore, it is advisable to have the help of professionals, who will not only guide you to the appropriate choice of the website, but also advise you and create what you are looking for.

In Digital Marketing we have a team of experts who have a unique domain of technology, marketing and sales in the online and offline environment. We create any digital asset in a fast, safe and original way.
If we have convinced you of our way of doing things, do not hesitate to contact us. Tell us about your project and we will provide you with a solution! What do you think

5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for companies

Currently, there are many brands that still refuse to start an online branding project , however there are many advantages that these types of strategies bring.

That digital marketing is the great ally of companies is not a discovery at this point, however, there are many brands that are reluctant to start an online branding project , mainly because they think that these types of strategies will not bring significant advantages to their deal.

While not all brands must be present in all channels of the network (we must make a preliminary study to detect where our target audience is), we can say that there are 5 clear benefits of digital marketing for companies:

Obtain Valious Information

If there is a clear advantage of starting at the corporate level in the online world , that is to be able to collect valuable data from our followers. How old are they? Where they live? What are your interests? Through social networks or email marketing we can obtain a lot of information that will help us to guide our content strategy.

Marketing Digital for Businesses

Low cost brand visibility

Do not have a high budget for your marketing plan ? Do not worry because a digital campaign will give you the same or better results, allowing you to take the brand of your company to the whole world , without borders, and at a very low cost. If you have some budget, you can bet on the sponsored content that allows you to move your brand with a preferential treatment within the different social platforms , and if you do not have it, you can always generate organic content that, with consistency in your publication, will provide each more followers to your community
Another benefit of digital marketing for companies is that we can reach those we want more easily thanks to the segmentation possibilities offered by social networks . And if you want to do an email marketing campaign , there are many supplier companies that market databases with all the sociodemographic, psychological and behavioral information on the internet that you may need to send the email to the target that you define.


Has your digital marketing strategy not worked as expected? Do not panic! It is common not to hit the first when it comes to actions aimed directly at people where there are too many factors of tastes, interests and preferences at stake that may not have fit. Fortunately, the online world is flexible and allows you to correct and make changes.


Channel infinity

We close this top 5 of benefits of digital marketing for companies talking about the wide range of tools that we can choose to develop our strategy: banners on web pages , email marketing actions , social networks , blogs, ... and exploit each of them with the multiple alternatives they offer: videos, images, contests, questionnaires, redirections to our website, ... everything is possible in the online ecosystem .

If you are thinking about starting a branding project for your company, we recommend that you have the advice of an agency specializing in digital marketing so that you can be guided on the channels in which it is advisable to carry out the action, what strategy to implement, or how to segment the recipients of the different messages.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Digital Marketing Strategies You Need To Know in 2019

Vertical Videos: There are approx. 80% businesses that see videos are a very important marketing strategy. And, 91% users or consumers want to watch a video about the particular product or services to know more about. With the popularization of the smartphones and change in technology, vertical videos have become more popular. The demand for vertical videos increases due to the vast use of mobile phones and everyone prefer mobile phones over laptops or desktops. Vertical videos cover the whole screen of the phone (full-screen video for mobile phones) and users love that.

Why Should You Use Vertical Videos: There are following reasons you should vertical videos and they are as follows

1.      More and More Uses of Mobile Phones: Everyone nowadays use mobile phones for accessing something or watching videos when they have free time.
2.      Mobile Friendly Social Networks: As per the latest trends and the more use of mobile phones, Social Networks going to be more mobile friendly. Because most of the people or user access Social Networks from mobile phones over Desktop or Laptops.
3.      Better Results: Research shows that if you use the vertical videos in advertising the product or service then it will get more views and engagements that benefit the business. The more engagements you get the more chances you get to convert the user.
4.      What Matters! Focus on it: None of us can decline; we want full attention of the people. Users usually don’t want to flip their phone to watch the horizontal videos; it distracts most of the users. If you are not agreeing on it so you can try it yourself to check horizontal videos perform well or vertical one.

Visual and Voice Search: No doubt most of the users like visual content over the simple text content. Gone are the days when people were interested to read long articles and blog posts. There are many peoples who like to read blogs and articles but now the demand of the visual content is increased.
Now come to the Voice Search: It is the voice recognition technology that allows people to make searches by speaking. This is the best way to perform searches when you are not in the condition of typing text and make searches. Over the years Google Voice search increased exponentially.

Artificial Intelligence: Some years before Digital Marketers didn’t recommend using the Artificial Intelligence their marketing strategies. But now it’s opposite as AI prove it’s useful for improving user experience & confidence. AI is also useful for data based experiences and AI proved it.

Virtual & Augmented Reality: AR and VR becoming more and more useful nowadays. In Digital Marketing we use these tools to build more engagement with customers.
How AR and VR Works: AR (Augmented Reality) adds visual overlays on the physical world and is usually viewed through a smartphone. VR (Virtual reality) depicts a self-contained, navigable 3D world and is usually experienced through a specialized motion-detecting headset.

Staying Ahead of the Competition: The above-mentioned strategies now an important part and need of the Digital Marketing Strategies. These strategies help you to both reach customers and where they are ready to buy. I am quite sure you will definitely follow these strategies to improve your Digital Marketing Campaigns.

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