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Thursday, 2 September 2021

How to Start a Startup in the USA: our advice

 The US market has always been a favorite of companies around the world. Thanks to the simplicity and low cost required to Start Your Business Setup in USA from India, as well as the numerous tax breaks, more and more Indian companies and startups decide to make this investment.

To open a company in the United States of America, however, you must be prepared from every point of view.

Which type of company to open, which country is best suited to your business, how to open a bank account, how to interface with local investors, how to offer the product to people with a mentality completely different from the Indian one, how taxes work, and much other.

The amount of information you need to get hold of before opening a company or branch in the USA shouldn't scare you. Fortunately there are also consultants and Indian companies specializing in India-USA import-export that can give a big hand to established companies and startups, from the beginning to the end of the process of setting up on the American market.

For our part, with the contribution of a company specialized in helping Indian companies and startups to do business in the USA, the Export America Group,  we will try to give some important information on these aspects, to give a first smattering to the entrepreneur Indian who wants to start doing business in the United States by opening a company or starting a startup.

Open a company in the USA

Here are the main factors to evaluate before starting a startup and opening a company in the USA:

1.       Choice of corporate form;

2.       Company incorporation status;

3.       Open a bank account in the USA;

4.       How to interface with American investors;

Choice of the corporate form in the USA

The United States allows you to open companies with different corporate forms. Each of these has specific characteristics that can adapt or not to the type of business you want to do.

Among the main corporate forms we find:

1.       Corporation (Inc or Corp), comparable to our SPAs

2.       LLC (Limited Liability Company

3.       Limited Partnership is a company made up of at least two people

4.       Sole Proprietorship, a company that belongs to a single owner

Usually, startups and companies tend to choose one of the top two American corporate forms. But while the former is more suitable for large companies listed on the stock exchange or that plan to do so in the short term, the latter is preferable for small companies and startups for a variety of reasons. One of these is the benefit for members of not having to respond with their private capital in case things went wrong.


Corporation type companies

The oldest corporate form ever existed in the United States. The opening procedures are very simple. Basically the registration of the company (better to say the incorporation) is done by submitting to the local authorities an "article of organization". Its capital is represented by shares.

LLC type companies

It is a company form of more recent origins and designed to encourage the influx of foreign investors into the US market. So the conditions are very advantageous. The type of taxation is defined as "pass-through-out", meaning that they are not subject to double taxation of profits and, at the same time, shareholders have limited liability. Private capital is protected and only the capital physically invested in society is at risk.

Another advantage is that the foreign entrepreneur who opens this type of company is not obliged to take up residence in the USA.

In which country to open a new company

It must be said that in the US, an LLC must pay a small tax to open the company to the state in which the seat is elected. If the same company also does business in other states, it must be registered in each of them.

The cost of opening a company in the US is about $ 100 on average and you can get it open in 24, maximum 48 hours.

The choice of the state of incorporation, regardless of fiscal convenience, should also be assessed on the basis of costs and type of business. For many types of business, it would be counterproductive to open a company in New York if you want to do business in California for example.

That said, there are US states where opening a company is cheaper, both for tax reasons and for the protection they offer companies in many ways. Let's take a couple of examples.


One of the best states to open in America is Delaware, especially for large corporations. Delaware offers modern and efficient tax flexibility, such as to encourage entrepreneurship in all its aspects. To this must be added the tendency to simplify and streamline the entire business process. Lastly, the state of Delaware protects the privacy of the company, its members and its directors.

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North Carolina

North Carolina is also an excellent state for establishing a new company. He was elected as the second best American state to do business. The income tax of companies residing in this state is among the lowest in the world and the lowest in the entire USA: just 3%.

North Carolina's native and foreign attitude towards entrepreneurship is extremely friendly and encouraging. Finally, the low cost of living makes it ideal for startups.

Open a bank account in the USA

Opening a company in the United States therefore leads to the need to open a bank account in a local institution. This, in addition to serving to be able to physically open the new company, is indispensable for obtaining financing for companies.


The corporate bank account should be separate from the personal bank account (mandatory for corporations). In addition, the account opening is necessary, because through the traceability of the movement of money, it can be shown that the company or the startup is a real business. In fact, if after a certain period of time the company does not produce significant profits, the business is demoted to the rank of "hobby" and loses the opportunity to take advantage of various loans and concessions. Well ... if you open a company in the USA, the Americans themselves want it to be productive and profitable.

How to interface with American entrepreneurs

If you want to open a company in the United States, you have to consider dealing with American investors who are eager to do business. On the contrary… proposing these people to do business with you must be one of the objectives to be set.

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It must be known, however, that the American has a different philosophy from ours and it is necessary to approach it correctly in order to avoid losing the deal. Here are some tips.

Never propose to an American investor something that will be done in the future (we will do ....). We need to offer them what is ready to make money. If the investor is interested, he wants to start immediately. Otherwise it will liquidate you with a "come back when it's ready".

How to Start a Business in the USA?

 Living the American dream is a temptation for many entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the USA. If the administrative procedure is much simpler in the USA compared to France, the fact remains that there is a certain posture to adopt and mistakes to avoid making this challenge a success. It will often be essential to hire the services of professionals such as business lawyers , chartered accountants or business brokers to successfully set up and be able to quickly devote yourself to your business.

Think carefully about your implementation strategy.

To start a business in the USA from India , you have to know how to start from the beginning, that is to say first a good business plan including a good market study in order to properly develop the strategy that you intend to adopt to enter the targeted market. Several implementation strategies are possible: get started without actually creating a company but just by publishing a website in English , use the services of an on-site representative capable of building relationships with your customers and suppliers on site and thus the economy of a territorial establishment or quite simply to create your company on the American soil.

The choice of visa

Choosing a visa to settle in the USA can often be an obstacle course. The procedures are quite complex . The choice of visa should depend on your professional situation, your motivation and your investment possibilities. For an entrepreneur, American legislation provides for several types of visa: there is the E-1 visa (“Trade Exchanges” visa, the E-2 visa (“Investor” visa) or even the L-1 visa (“Transfer” visa).  For entrepreneurs, it is often the E-2 visa that is recommended, for this type of visa, a minimum investment of $ 100,000 is required.

Opt for quality support.

It is suicidal to embark on this adventure alone. To start your business in the USA, you will need several skills. In particular those of a lawyer upstream during the procedures for obtaining the visa and downstream during the administrative procedures once you are on the spot. You will also need the help of chartered accountants and business brokers to enable you to successfully complete your project.

Starting your business in the United States: our advice

Getting started in setting up or taking over a business is not easy in your country of origin, but what about in the United States?

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You have filled up with energy and you feel ready to face new adventures. You have found a great idea, you think it will work and you want to start your own business. To help you in your project, you will find a lot of advice based on the experiences of Indian people who tried their luck in the United States.

You can offer good service or a great product to sell. However, before you start to set up your business, it is prudent to study your potential market and also to plan the means of making known that you have this superb product or this service which your future customers will not be able to do without. And who will these future customers be? How to contact them?

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Remember, America is not waiting for you and your products. You will have to convince them that you are essential. You may already have all this information and are looking to better understand how to create your company, according to which legal forms, which formalities and many other questions…


For more detailed information, we invite you to consult the Corpseed

Waste management from electrical and electronic equipment


WEEE is the waste of electrical and electronic equipment, i.e. all waste deriving from devices which depend on electric currents or electromagnetic fields for their operation.

WEEE is classified into two broad categories, according to their origin:

Domestic WEEE: they are those coming from households and WEEE of commercial origin , industrial, institutional of another type, similar in nature and quantity to those originating from households.

 Professional WEEE: they are the WEEE different from those coming from the households

The WEEE family contains all the waste deriving from small and large household appliances, computers, electrical and electronic devices, cell phones, fluorescent lamps, etc., once they have reached the end of their life cycle E-waste recycling.

The WEEE are divided according to the Legislative 10 categories:

1.       Large appliances

2.       Small appliances

3.       IT and telecommunication equipment

4.       Consumer equipment and photovoltaic panels

5.       Lighting equipment

6.       Electrical and electronic tools (except large fixed industrial tools)

7.       Toys and equipment for leisure and sport

8.       Medical devices (except for all implanted and infected products

9.       Monitoring and control tools

10.   Vending machines

The regulation identifies 5 groups of WEEE based on the technologies necessary for their correct treatment:

R1 - Large cold white - large appliances for refrigeration: refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners 

R2 - Large non-cold white - large appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers.

R3 - TV cathode ray tube monitor

R4 - Consumer electronics, telecommunications, information technology, small appliances, power tools, toys, lighting equipment, medical devices.

R5 - Discharge light sources: fluorescent lamps and compact light sources.

Each type of WEEE is recycled and disposed of according to a specific procedure.

WEEE represents at the same time a source of pollution and a resource of useful and recoverable materials for subsequent uses.

In fact, different categories of WEEE contain materials that are highly harmful to the environment and human health and for this reason they must be managed following precise rules and in highly specialized plants.


From WEEE it is possible to recover various types of plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, etc.), precious metals, glass, electronic parts which, properly treated, can give life to other objects and therefore fall within the economic cycle.

In the past, the economic aspect prevailed over the environmental one and often the recovery and disposal cycle was carried out without the most basic safety measures.

The producers of electrical or electronic equipment are therefore now obliged to join one of the existing collective systems, which are entrusted with the task of recovering all the WEEE collected from the municipal ecological stands and from the distribution.

WEEE regulations

The purposes of the Legislative Decree are manifold:

1.       Prevent the production of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

2.       Reduce the volume of waste to be disposed of, promoting recycling and reuse.

3.       Ensure that E-waste management is done in an environmentally sound way and raise awareness among those involved.

4.       Encourage the development of equipment that facilitates the disposal and recovery of WEEE through the reduction of the use of dangerous substances.

With reference to this latter obligation, the legislator has expressly established that manufacturers organize and manage the disposal operations of their own end-of-life equipment waste. The financing of these operations takes place through the application of an eco-contribution to the sale price. The amount of this eco-contribution is defined in relation to the cost of the collection, recycling and disposal operations.

Local authorities and in particular the Municipalities have precise WEEE skills. By achieving a high level of suitable separate collection to achieve the objectives indicated subject the collected WEEE to adequate treatment, the following measures and actions must be activated:

a) Municipalities must ensure the functionality and adequacy, due to the density of the population, of the separate collection systems of WEEE coming from households and accessibility to the related collection centers, in order to allow the final owners, distributors, installers and managers of WEEE technical assistance centers to freely deliver WEEE produced in their territory or held at grouping places organized by distributors in their territory. The transfer of waste produced in other Municipalities is allowed only upon signing of a special agreement with the Municipality of destination. This agreement is mandatory for Municipalities that have not set up a collection center suitable for receiving WEEE.

The separate collection must primarily concern the equipment for the exchange of temperature containing substances that deplete the ozone layer and fluorinated greenhouse gases, fluorescent lamps containing mercury, photovoltaic panels and small equipment.

Priority criteria in the management of WEEE

The management of the WEEE must privilege the reuse and preparation operations for the reuse of the WEEE, their components, subsets and consumables in implementation of the principles of precaution and prevention, and in order to allow an efficient use of resources.

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Preparation for reuse and reuse

The dedicated section contains all the information to obtain authorization for the construction and management of a preparation center for re-use, more simply defined as "Repair and re-use center", which has the function of transforming, through appropriate operations, the WEEE in functional equipment suitable for performing the same function as the original equipment.

PHASES of correct recycling of WEEE

There are four stages to carry out for the correct recycling of WEEE : separate collection, safety, treatment and recovery.

Separate collection

The correct recycling process begins in the phase of separate collection of technological waste by the end user (consumer, company or organization).

Citizens can give their WEEE free of charge using the services made available by the Municipalities or environmental service companies (Collection centers, mobile stations, home collection) or give the WEEE free of charge to the store, taking advantage of the 1 vs. 0 service for small EEE (max side 25 cm long), or when purchasing an equivalent product (1 on 1).

Domestic WEEE collected at the municipal collection centers where other types of waste from separate collection (paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, etc.) are also collected, are transported to special plants for subsequent treatment.

As for Professional WEEE, these are collected directly from companies, institutions and institutions to be transported to the plants too.


WEEE can contain dangerous substances (e.g. ozone depleting substances in refrigerators), for this reason special transports and legally required infrastructures are required, capable of handling, receiving and storing WEEE in an optimal way , avoiding damage to the equipment and the dispersion of dangerous substances. Before the actual treatment, WEEE are subjected to the separation phase, with the aim of removing dangerous components and materials (such as capacitors containing PCBs, ozone-depleting gases, components containing mercury, batteries) and to facilitate the recycling of materials.

Treatment and Recovery

The treatment activities for the recycling, recovery and enhancement of materials are carried out thanks to real "production lines" which instead of assembling or transforming raw materials and components into finished products follow the reverse process: from the product to the end life raw materials are obtained again. These can then be reused in new production cycles.

Monday, 17 May 2021

How to turn a hobby or interest into a job

Can you do something really well? Do friends and acquaintances recognize you a particular skill? You may have a talent to invest in. So let's see how to turn a hobby into a job and start monetizing doing what you like.

Making your passion a real job is the dream of many people. After all, being able to earn money by engaging in the activity that we are most passionate about is an absolutely acceptable aspiration. The Web has expanded the possibilities of transforming this dream into a real opportunity to be seized on the fly.

So find out how to turn a hobby into a job, first of all also becoming aware of the difficulties in order to avoid a bitter disappointment.

In this article we present 5 hobbies that allow you to earn and offer practical suggestions for those who want to be the architect of their own fortune , making use of intellectual and manual skills.

How to turn a hobby into a job: 3 general rules

Talent is not enough

It takes discipline and sacrifice to make a hobby a job . You have to learn both to manage time and to set a budget for expenses. Willpower is another element that makes the difference: at the beginning it can be hard, but if you give up at the first difficulties, the road to the dream will stop immediately.

Invest in yourself and your passion

Start-up costs are unavoidable. These are the main types of possible investments:

Self-training : staying up to date on industry news, allows us to offer the services / products most requested by customers. Taking courses is therefore a way to invest in one's talent and transform a hobby into a job in a professional way.

Goodwill : depending on the job you may need hand tools, cooking tools, photographic lenses, a new word processing program etc.

Promotion : Customers need to be able to find you, and for that to happen, your online presence needs to be optimal. Online paid advertising, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, allows you to reach many potential customers, even with not too expensive budgets. As for social networks, the Facebook page , the YouTube channel and the Instagram account are essential to build the Brand Reputation.

Depending on the type of business, you will need to focus more resources on one platformrather than on another. Finally, the website remains a primary resource for online presence. Depending on whether you sell products or services, you can opt for a showcase site or an e-commerce site, while paying attention to the optimized structure of the site.

A hobby is a hobby and a job is a job

Dedicating yourself to a passion in your free time is a very different thing from committing to making it a profitable activity. The work involves obligations relating above all to the satisfaction of the users , without which there can be no gain. It means that their satisfaction comes before yours and that, without giving up your 'trademark', you will still have to satisfy them in the time and manner requested by them.

Earn money with handmade

Craftsmanship is synonymous with uniqueness and originality. If you like to make candles, embroider, create jewelry or ceramic objects, you could start a market test among friends and relatives. If it works, you are ready to move on to the next step and turn your hobby into a job. How? A Pinterest profile can help you stand out in the community that is passionate about handmade. Etsy is also a great way to experience the earning potential of your creations in the field.

How to turn your hobby into a job: writing

Do you like to write? It's a good start. You could put your passion to good use by writing content for the we b. You need SEO knowledge , an excellent command of the Italian language and strong online research skills. Paid collaborations can be found on specialized platforms such as Upwork, or with self-application from web agencies and online publishers.

Photography to make extra money

The photographic passion can become a job in different ways. You can sell the shots on stock photo sites, you can freelance for events, you can monetize with social traffic . In this regard, just think that the accounts of professional photographers are in second place on Instagram for profitability (sponsored posts) after those of celebrities. The niche factor is always decisive: you will have to choose a photographic field and have a recognizable style.

How to turn a hobby into a job: cooking

Cooking is a sweet obsession for us Italians. Among the YouTube channels and Instagram accounts there are real stars of the Web. A Google search has shown that 59% of users between 25 and 34 years old bring their smartphone to the kitchen to find recipes online. Opportunities to make money shift from views to product sales.

When the green becomes a job

Today the sensitivity towards the green that surrounds us and towards what we eat has grown exponentially. You can sell vegetables, honey and compotes at Km 0 in local markets, or through specialized e-commerce platforms. Or again, if you have a green thumb in the garden, you can propose yourself as an expert in exterior design.

Sunday, 16 May 2021

Persuasive Copywriting: All the Tips


What is persuasive copywriting and what are its techniques? Find out how to use persuasive writing to excite, engage and convert.

There is a big difference between writing skills and the ability to be persuasive. Talented copywriters produce better content than less skilled professionals, but what matters is how persuasive that content is.

What is persuasive copywriting? In short, it is the ability to excite and involve the reader through writing, and therefore to entice the user to read the entire text and possibly to perform an action useful to the context. When a text is compelling, in fact, it plays on the emotions of the reader. To the point of inducing him to take a certain action (whether it's clicking, downloading, buying or sharing).

But what does persuasive copywriting have to be like? What are the tips and techniques to use? Let's find out together.

The characteristics of persuasive copywriting

Persuasive copywriting must have certain characteristics. The prerogative is that a text is written correctly, that it is understandable and that it does not contain errors . We start from this fundamental basis and then identify three other adjectives:

·         Short

·         Business suit

·         Relevant

Excessively long or chaotic text loses meaning and discourages the user. Reason why persuasive copywriting wants a copy - to be convincing - to be short, engaging and relevant . Furthermore, no one will be persuaded by a text that is not complete and far-sighted, but above all relevant. When we talk about relevant text, we refer to the ability to write for a specific sector, attracting the target audience envisaged by your strategic plan and increasing the rate of social engagement .

Persuasive copywriting techniques and advice

Bringing persuasive writing to life is truly an art form. Being a good copywriter doesn't include the ability to persuade. It is in fact a mix of skills and a good dose of experience, but it is possible to learn techniques that - thanks to study and application - will help to understand this type of writing.

Focus on the benefits

One of the exercises to do is to think about commercials . Thanks to this technique, you can understand how it is necessary to focus on the advantages of what you want to describe. If a commercial listed the characteristics of a product, it would immediately lose its audience. But if it focuses on its benefits, it gets the desired result.


Don't be too vague or generic, but be specific . Try to be as specific as possible in your content: in everything from the stats you use to the words. Vague references and generic texts say nothing and lead nowhere: specificity is very important.

Consider the reader's emotions

Persuasive content must first and foremost be emotional . If a text arouses the person's emotions, that person will most likely remember it. Exciting, therefore, is a real marketing tool.

The role of word of mouth

More and more users, especially young people, trust online testimonials just as much as they trust the recommendations of a valued friend. So here, to make your content more persuasive, you can (indeed, you should) add the testimonials of those who have tried that product / service. This way you will increase consumer confidence.

When people see that dozens or even hundreds of others have left positive reviews, they are much more likely to believe you. Plus, positive reviews make you appear competent, professional and experienced.

Worry about the content

If you wouldn't buy what you sell yourself, why should your customers do it? For this reason it is essential that passion , knowledge of the subject, attachment to the product / service shine through . If you're not inspired, try to see things from the customer's point of view and put yourself in their shoes. Try to understand why you would need that product / service, and how it could change your life.

The copywriting persuasive therefore requires skill and real emotions. If you pretend, the customer notices. If you master the technique, you can turn text into a vehicle to increase your sales . Hence, talent in writing is essential, but by itself it is not enough: exercise and empathy are also needed. Eventually, though, the results will come.


Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Business Development Executive for IT Company Salary 25k to 40k per Month plus Incentive

We are looking for Business Development Executive experience in website design , Web development ,Mobile App development, IT service sales in International Market , Ability to send proposals for Web Designing, and Digital marketing, well versed English communication.

Required Candidate profile

Experience: Relevant Experience 1 to 3 year

Must have bachelor or master degree, excellent communication in English and also sound Grammar knowledge in written.

IT / Web / SEO / Software sales experience International Market.

Role: Sales/Business Development Manager

Industry Type: IT-Software, Software Services, Business Development

Employment Type: Full Time, Permanent

Send your Resume:

5 tips to motivate my sales team by Abdul Rimaaz

 Any entrepreneur knows that it is not always easy to keep the sales team motivated. You need to be constantly on the lookout for new incentives, goals and benefits. And this can be one of the biggest challenges you will encounter on a daily basis.

 Fortunately, with the 5 tips you will find in this post, it will be much simpler to create efficient strategies to keep your employees ' motivation high. After all, staying in the comfort zone is a big risk for any business, right? So, if you want to keep your numbers going up, just continue with us and understand how!

 1. Invest in training to train your sales team

 When you bet on adequate training, in addition to gaining a more prepared and cohesive team, you still demonstrate to your employees that you care about your personal and professional evolution. With this, you make your employees want to repay your action, feel valued and engage more in their daily activities.

 2. Communicate clearly

 Good communication is essential to keep your sales team really motivated. Knowing how to listen and offer good feedbacks makes people feel more secure and excited to always improve! In addition, you still avoid gossip, ward off insecurities and create a much healthier and more mature work environment.

 3. Set clear and possible goals

 Working with goals is one of the best ways to increase motivation and sell more. However, for them to work well, they must be clear, possible and with a fixed term. Goals far beyond the company's possibilities or confusing end up creating the opposite effect. The SMART model ( specific , measurable , attainable , relevant and temporal , in English) is one of the most used models in large companies.

 4. Create recognition programs with an annual reward

 Everyone likes to see that their job well done has been rewarded. Recognition and prestige can often be just as important as financial bonuses. Therefore, to keep your sales team motivated throughout the year, create programs that seek to offer this appreciation to the best employees. Organizing a great end-of-year event, with prizes offered to the greatest talents, always works. For sure, this will make everyone want to be the best.

 5. Motivate your sales team daily

 Setting grandiose goals is great, but you need to break them down into smaller tasks so that employees can make small achievements every day. A good idea is to leave a picture of the employee of the month exposed and add a small bonus to your salary. It is very likely that this will motivate them a lot.

 Now that you know how to encourage your sales team , it's time to put the tips into practice . Start by having an open dialogue with your employees and invest in training. Keep your goals in mind for your business and set goals, both short and medium and long term. Don't forget to create recognition and reward programs. With that, you will have a motivated team all year long.


Did you like the tips by Abdul Rimaaz? So, keep browsing here on the blog and also see how to attract customers in an assertive way.

Contact Info:





Phone No: +44 7927232373






Linkedin :





Monday, 8 February 2021

10 ways to increase my retail sales

Nowadays you can buy anything you can think of online, it is only necessary to search a little, sometimes even, or look for the web advertising we receive is based on hobbies or behavior on the web. This means that there is great competition in the sector and we have to be creative to stand out and be successful in our business .

If you are reading this post, you probably have or are considering setting up your own online retail business . You are right to learn about different techniques to make your project go ahead.

Below we are going to offer you a series of tips to help you that are more or less ordered according to how we advise you to carry them out.

Attractive web design

Our store must be beautiful, that is logical. There are numerous tools that can facilitate your work, it is in your skill and ability to create an attractive design to make the user feel comfortable in it. As we all know there are great powers of online sales , they have already tried different designs to see which one offers the best results, and users with shopping habits are used to it. With this I am not saying to copy them, but it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel.

Make a functional website

First, put yourself in the shoes of a user who is viewing your retail store. It doesn't look good on the mobile, you take the computer. You browse in search of a product, you can't find it. You use the search engine, it shows you strange things. When you finally find it and add it to the cart, you have to go through numerous screens to make the purchase.

You leave the web and you may not even try again. So that this does not happen to them, you must create a responsive website, with a good loading speed and easy usability .

Improve the data in your conversion funnel

As we already discussed in the article on how to attract customers from the retail sector, it is important to have a low number of phases from when a user enters a website until they make the purchase and the ideal is that the maximum number of them advance in the different phases of funnel.

To do this, you must work to increase the percentage of visitors that progress from one phase to the next. The issues can be design, usability, or functionality.

Content marketing

In this sense, it would be very interesting for your business to use this type of marketing that will help you to be more united with your customers . If you can, create a blog and post short, useful articles for your potential clients. In many sectors it helps to keep customers "close" to you.

Analyze and Experiment

There are numerous tools to analyze user behavior on your website and once you begin to understand them, you will see their incredible potential. You can know practically everything a user does from the moment they arrive on your website. To such an extent that once you have analyzed the same thing, you come to the conclusion, for example, that despite your numerous advertising campaigns, you only sell products to women between 25 and 35 years old who have visited your website through your Facebook posts. And you discover that you are wasting money in the rest of the campaigns since they do not bring you any benefit.

Experiments (for example A / B test ) are perfect to check which design works best on your site. The users, without knowing it, participate in them and you simply analyze which users have best fulfilled the objective set on your website, whether those who have seen the bottom of the page in black or white, or any other test you carry out.

SEO strategy

The objective of the previous points was mainly that the users who come to your website have everything in perfect condition to stay in your online retail business and increase sales, which is what this post is about.

But now we are faced with the problem of how to get visits on my website. At this point you should know who your competitors are, what words about your products are most searched for by users in search engines, etc. All that information should help you to set up your website in an efficient way so that the search engines position your site in good positions for your interests. It is a medium-long job but it is worth doing it correctly. If you need help to carry out these types of strategies we can help you, contact us here .

SEM advertising campaigns

To increase online sales in retail in the short term, I recommend that you use SEM advertising campaigns. There are different types, search, display, video, shopping, etc. What is usually more effective in the short term are usually search campaigns, they must configure the campaign well and choose well the keywords, ads and landing pages, to obtain good results. But that is careful with what you spend that you can shoot.

Use social media

Whether or not your retail store has a physical store, you must be present in them. Since many people use them as a method of searching for information and to stay informed about issues or products that are to their liking.

Use the content created in the content marketing parts together with more sales-oriented publications to attract and maintain followers in the different channels. This way, both your sales and the impact of your publications will grow.

Email marketing

Another option to get visits, and sales, is advertising through email. To do this, you must get a list of addresses, working the way to get visitors to your website, followers of the networks, or buyers themselves, leave their email to receive promotions or advertising. In this way, if they don't remember you, you make them see you yourself.

Build loyalty with your customers

Finally, we recommend using all the techniques discussed above to attract new customers in order to retain the customers of your retail business. With this, you can develop email marketing campaigns, remarketing in Adwords, publications on social networks, with the aim that these same clients become the future again.

To finish ...

With all this process done, you can increase the sales of your online retail business. If, despite everything, you cannot increase sales, it is because you have failed in any of the steps and we recommend contacting a trusted professional agency to check the status of your store and recommend actions. Keep in mind that professionals are dedicated to improving these points daily and developing them faster and more professionally.

Posted By: Abdul Rimaaz

Saturday, 30 January 2021

The importance of a content marketing agency


Content marketing agency: does your company need one?


A content marketing agency and your company have a common goal: to generate traffic to attract leads with high conversion potential.


Proof of this is the result of a study conducted by the Forbes Agency Council , which shows that getting traffic to attract high quality leads are the main marketing challenges facing 63% of the companies that were interviewed.


For this to happen, it is necessary to invest in the production of quality and relevant content for your target audience.


So if you want to expand your business, increase website traffic, rank important keywords, improve your SEO or generate qualified revenue or leads, the support of a content marketing agency will be decisive.


Discover below, in more depth, the advantages of having an integrated digital marketing agency , which can assist in content marketing and other actions that will bring qualified leads and more conversion opportunities for your company.


Expertise and time: the secret of a good content marketing agency


Most companies do not have the time or the knowledge to do what it takes to support the creation of good content:


·        Research the demographics and characteristics of your ideal customer profile ;

·        Discover the pain points, the critical challenges that your potential customers face;

·        Create attractive content that helps you find the most effective solution to these challenges;

·        Research the keywords that these potential customers will use to look for solutions.


If you work in a SaaS company, you are focused on increasing the performance of your products based on the latest technological advances available. If you are the CEO of a company that operates in information security, you must invest your time in following the sector and fighting new threats.


In other words: the focus of your company must be on offering the best product available on the market, which has a differential that makes it stand out from the competition. The same is true with a content marketing agency, such as Abdul Rimaaz: our focus is on keeping up with trends in the digital sector, being aware of algorithm updates and ensuring the best content strategies that convert effectively.


Resources can also be a limiting factor


The current economy demands that companies rely on lean budgets. This means that your company should invest in hiring people who can help produce the best versions of your product or service. In addition, it is necessary to think about investments in raw materials and quality equipment - which will ensure that your solutions will be better than any other in your sector.


This is the advantage of having a content marketing agency : your company can count on cutting-edge specialists, the most up-to-date tools on the market, access to industry research and a series of other advantages with total economic efficiency.


Knowledge about your industry - but what about content marketing?


You must know your own business and the industry where you operate from end to end. But that is no guarantee that your content is as strategic as possible.


Using the examples above: you work in a company that offers information security solutions and completely dominates the sector. But do you know how (or have someone on your team) create infographics that show how hackers break into a company's system? Or an article for your blog with the best SEO practices?


Having a content marketing agency solves this issue and also offers a number of other resources for your digital marketing strategy:


·        Support from specialized professionals;

·        Production of strategic and relevant content for your audience;

·        Tools for administration of social networks, mention analysis and digital presence ;

·        Access to the latest research in the sector;

·        Ads strategic planning, with performance management;

·        Market analysis to obtain the best conversion opportunities;

·        Integrated reports on the results of actions in the digital environment and much more.


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Learn how to sell to the 7 most common types of customers in marketing


Serving all types of customers well is fundamental to the success of any company. This requires a thorough understanding of the particularities of each of these profiles, as they have very different needs and motivations.


Is your marketing strategy prepared to deal with different customer profiles? The undecided profile, for example, requires an entirely different approach than that used with the specialist. Confusing the strategies can be disastrous for your results.


Everyone likes to be treated well when interacting with a brand. It is even better when the company is able to understand your needs and has a communication fully adapted to them. That's what you need to focus on in your campaigns.


Here's how to deal with the main types of customers in your marketing strategy:


The undecided


The secret to selling to the undecided is to help you find out what you want. To do this, you need to give them the opportunity to answer questions about your needs or get them to make their intentions clear through interaction with your content.


The decided


This type of client already knows what he wants, as he has researched extensively on the subject and is familiar with the topic. Therefore, you do not need to convince him to adopt a certain type of solution, but to buy your product.


The specialist


This is a type of customer who understands the subject of your product. Because it consumes a lot of information related to what you want, you are not convinced by superficial approaches. To convince you, it is necessary to go beyond them and make clear the value of your product  in relation to competitors .


The angry


Whether due to a previous negative experience or lack of patience, characteristic of his personality, this type of client requires a lot of care. It is important to be objective when interacting with him and explain the value of his solution well.


The confused


As the name implies, the confused customer is not sure what he wants and also has difficulty expressing it. It represents a challenge for your communication, even more if you are suspicious of your information. Have patience and unravel, at each interaction, the real needs of that client and then offer the right solution to him.


The skeptic


This customer profile may already know the type of product or solution you need, but you are not entirely convinced that your product is the best option. In this case, it is essential to conduct demonstrations that prove the quality of what you are offering.


The brand advocate

It must be one of your missions to have more and more customers of this type. These people have already been positively impacted several times by your brand and today they are responsible for attracting more customers to you. Your role is to continue adding value to their experience, possibly even offering extra incentives to promote your brand.


Taking into account the differences and peculiarities of each type of outstanding customer, you already have everything you need to start planning your marketing campaign. Do not leave anyone out and try to identify the most common profiles in your segment. Bet on digital marketing segmented communication and enjoy the good results.


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