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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Really free maps for your Garmin GPS

Links For Downloading Maps And Maps For Free For Your Garmin Gps (100% Legal)
Links for free maps (if you can not find the map you want or if the free version is not complete,visit-

Here are also other card developers that are not compatible with MapSource . If you can not find the map you want, you can create it from public maps. Here are the instructions for converting Open Street Map maps for your Garmin GPS .

Here some free maps, in alphabetical order

Antarctica : Go see for yourself if everything is there

Argentina : Register and visit the page for download

Australia : Register on Yahoo!

Australia : non-routable maps (impossible to be guided)

Canada : (topo map built from Geogratis )

United States Topographic maps of these states:

Central Europe : Austria, Bosnia, Czechoslovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland

Greece 1 : Click on the map to download

Iceland : Click on the little down arrow at the bottom of the page

Japan : Routable

Japan : Topos

Malaysia : Register for download

Morocco : Not routable

Mexico : Road maps and topos

Patagonia : Southeast Argentina Region

Poland : Routable Maps

Poland : Topographic Maps


Russia  : I am not very good in Russian. City of Moscow

Swaziland : Topos

Vietnam : Road maps and topos

 Others? Mapsntrail and Gpstracklog

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